MacのCerttool で、キーの作成、request.txtを作る。以下の様な手順。

    1. Open the Terminal from the /Applications/Utilities folder.
    2. Type /usr/bin/certtool r ~/Desktop/request.txt
    3. When prompted Enter key…, type myrequest
    4. When prompted Select key algorithm…, type r
    5. When prompted Enter key size…, type 1024
    6. When prompted OK (y/anthing), type y
    7. When prompted Enter cert/key usage…, type b
    8. When prompted Select signature…, type s
    9. When prompted OK (y/anything), type y
    10. When prompted Enter challenge string…, type password (literally, the string "password")
    11. When prompted Common Name…, type your_name
    12. When prompted Country…, type US or whatever is appropriate
    13. When prompted Organization…, type Microsoft
    14. When prompted Organizational Unit…, type MacBU or whatever is appropriate
    15. When prompted State/Province…, type California or whatever is appropriate
    16. When prompted Email addresss…, type whatever is appropriate
    17. When prompted Is this OK…, type y
    18. A file should be created at this point on your desktop called request.txt, though the extension will probably be hidden.
    19. Verify that the file generate is correct by typing cat ~/Desktop/request.txt
    20. You should see text like ----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and ----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----
    21. Copy this request.txt file from your Desktop onto your Windows machine.







投稿者 shimakawa